CEREBO®: A Portable Device for Non-invasive Detection of Intracranial Hematomas in Real Time

Authors: Shah Jaimin K.; Solanki Shailendra K.

Abstract:Brain injury has become a silent epidemic and has very low survival and recovery rates because of inaccurate triaging, especially in absence of symptoms. Therefore, a clinical assessment tool for quick onsite detection of intracranial hematoma is necessary.

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Performance of a new portable near-infrared spectroscopy device for detection of traumatic intracranial hematoma

Authors: Dhaval Shukla, Subhas Konar, Bhagavatula Indira Devi, Gorantla Padmasri, Ranjan Jayanna, Monisha Suresh, Bhura Lakshita

Abstract: We report results of a newly developed portable near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) based point-of-care device CEREBO® to detect traumatic intracranial hematoma (TICH).

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Advancing Edema Detection: Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning and Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Cerebral and Cerebellar Edema Assessment

Authors: Jaimin Shah, Shailendra Solanki, Nilay S Adhvaryu, Dhaval G Patel, Pradip K Solanki, Hardik P Sanghavi

Abstract: Edema, characterized by brain swelling, is a common response observed in various brain injuries. Timely detection of edema is crucial to mitigate the associated risks and improve patient care.

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Evaluating CAPO®: A Biocompatibility, transparency, and fitment assessment for use with CEREBO® in traumatic intracranial injury detection.

Authors: Shilpa Malik, Anupam Lavania, Dhaval Shukla, Jaimin Shah, Sumit Raj, S S Murugan, T N Sathya, Arpana Goswami, T S Kumaravel

Abstract: Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a global concern affecting millions of patients, requiring robust infection prevention and control measures.

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Human factor engineering of point-of-care near infrared spectroscopy device for intracranial hemorrhage detection in traumatic brain injury: A multi-center Comparative Study using a hybrid methodology.

Authors: Jaimin Shah, Kaushik Vithalapara, Shilpa Malik, Anupam Lavania, Shailendra Solanki, Nilay S Adhvaryu

Abstract: This study assessed machine learning powered Near-infrared spectroscopy based (mNIRS) device's usability and human factor ergonomics in four distinct healthcare provider groups.

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Objective triaging of Traumatic Brain Injury patients with a novel machine learning powered near-infrared spectroscopy-based biomarker at different time-intervals post injury

Authors: Sumit Raj, Radha Sarawagi Gupta, Rajesh Malik, Md Yunus, Pradeep Chouksey, Adesh Shrivastav, Manoj Nagar and Amit Agrawal

Abstract: To clinically validate machine learning-powered near-infrared spectroscopy (mNIRS) based Intracranial Tissue Optical Index (ITOI) device in detecting traumatic intracranial hematomas (ICH) at different time intervals post-injury.

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